First blog post

What is Bicycle Nuts?

As a keen mountain biker for many years, I starting the ball rolling in October 2016 with Bicycle Nuts, a retail business supplying popular and innovative cycling accessories and components to fellow riders.

Where am I with Bicycle Nuts at the moment?

There are a number of popular product lines in the Bicycle Nuts eBay Shop and those lines are slowly growing. In addition to the eBay Shop, Bicycle Nuts will soon have its own standalone web store. Going forwards, one day I hope to open a Bricks and Mortar store. Watch this space!

My cycling history

First off I’ve been mountain biking since the late 80’s, so expect to see some MTB related content in my blog, starting with a review of my current bike.

My introduction into mountain biking was a Marin Muirwoods which was given to me for my 15th birthday. After the Marin was a Trek 830 which saw me through several cross-country  races in the early 90’s, which I actually did pretty well in considering the 830 was rigid. After my racing stint I brought myself a Trek 930 in 97 and that kept me happy for 10 whole years before I eventually sold it on to a mate who in turn sold it again some years later. Rumour has it my old 930 is still being ridden to this day. Jumping forwards in time I now ride a Voodoo Bizango, and that is the bike I will be reviewing in my next post.

Before I discovered mounting biking I did dabble a little bit with road bikes, but alas that was short lived as I just couldn’t keep away from the dirt.

Then of course there was my childhood. If you are, like me, of a certain age then you too may have owned the following bikes: Chopper, Grifter, Raleigh Burner and perhaps even a Falcon Prostyler, happy days! I did recently manage to persuade my nephew to let me have a go on his BMX, after all its only been 30 years since I last rode one. Whoa, BMX’s sure are easy to chuck about when your all grown up. Before long I was popping Wheelies and Bunny Hops just like the old days, however for the sake of my face I avoided Endo’s.

Please can I now have a BMX!


3 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on my first bike ride of 2017. Clearly, we have bicycles in common. I am enjoying my visit to yours. I have always thought of a bike shop with a mechanic there. I patronize mine regularly and am lucky to have one of the best bike mechanics in Chicago available. Good luck with your bike store and your blog!

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    1. Thanks for being the first to comment. My posts are few and far between at this busy time, but I will try to do an update soon.
      Perhaps I might be such a mechanic when the time comes as I am often asked to fix friends and relatives bikes, the trick will be keeping up with the latest technology. Happy cycling!

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