For those of you who still haven’t heard about WingLights, they are lightweight, shockproof & waterproof directional LED indicators for Bicycles, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some  after watching the team behind them (Cycl) make a successful pitch for investment on Dragons’ Den.

After the WingLights arrived in the post it took just a couple of minutes to securely attach them to the handlebars of my bike before I hit the road for the first trial run.

As darkness fell I had arrived in the busy town centre, which offers plenty of junctions, roundabouts and multiple lanes of traffic to enjoy. Operating the WingLights was a cinch; they turned on or off by pressing a button positioned on the end of each device, and whenever I forgot to turn one off it would automatically turn off after 45 seconds. After over an hour of riding around town I hadn’t encountered any problems at all; as far as I could tell other road users knew exactly which direction I was turning whenever I used the WingLights.

The following evening I recruited a friend to follow me in his car while I cycled around the neighbourhood so that I could hear firsthand just how visible WingLights are to motorists. Afterwards I was pleased to hear that my friend could tell which direction I intended to turn every time a WingLight flashed. Unfortunately though not all motorists are as observant as my friend, so I will occasionally still use hand signals to reinforce the use of my WingLights.

There are currently two types of WingLight at the time of writing, one is magnetic and the other is fixed. As a mountain biker I wanted to make sure my WingLights would be extra secure, so I opted for fixed.

Needless to say I really like my WingLights so have decided to start stocking them in the Bicycle Nuts shop


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