The new Cycling Essential for Road & Trail Riding

Mountain biking and cleanliness seldom go hand in hand, so when I heard about the new Grease & Grime Remover Power Wipes by Velofresh I just had to give them a try.


The Velofresh parcel arrived the day after I placed my first order; just in time for our planned blast around the Surrey Hills.

First impressions were very good, the packets were compact so would fit comfortably in my saddlebag; particularly useful as I dont often wear cycling jerseys with pockets. The packets were also light, something I know roadies would certainly appreciate.

Within an hour of the wipes arriving my friend Mathew and I hit the road, first stop Newlands Corner Cafe.

Soon after we arrived at Newlands Corner we demolished two bacon baps and took our caffeine hits, and then it was time to break out the Power Wipes for the first time. A single wipe ate through the bacon bap grease and ketchup on my hands as well as the chain oil on my leg. Mathew also used a wipe to clean off the trail dust from his face.

We never looked so presentable leaving Newlands Corner before!


Mathew and his clean face 🙂

Next we headed down to Shere village then onto the Surrey Hills MTB trails

As we we hurtled around the various trail sections I couldn’t help thinking that cleaning oil coated hands would be the real test for the wipes, so what really needed to happen was for a chain to come off. However after a full day riding rough terrain our chains remained firmly in position. They call that sods law!

The next day I decided to give my bike a thorough clean and finally got my hands caked in chain oil. Following a brisk scrub with a single Power Wipe the oil was gone!


Velofresh certainly had cyclists in mind when they created Grease & Grime Remover Power Wipes: Compact / Lightweight / Powerful. I will certainly be back for more.

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