More than just a Water Bottle

OK it is just a water bottle, but what a class act!

Like most cyclists I have a number of plastic water bottles to hand, but when I discovered that SIGG make an aluminium sports one that fits a standard bottle cage I just couldn’t resist.

I already own a couple of very well used Classic SIGG Bottles, one of which must be at least 20 years old, so there was no doubt in my mind that the SIGG WMB Sports Bottle was going to be a quality piece of kit.

When the bottle arrived I thought, wow, looks even better in the flesh. The easy-grip surface works great and I couldn’t believe just how lightweight it was. The bottle is a real looker too so I couldn’t wait to take it out for its first run ride.


I wanted to carry out a drip test to make sure that the three-stage sports cap was watertight, especially as my previous plastic bottle from another well known manufacturer had leaked from the cap thread since day one, so I filled her to the brim, reattached the cap and gave a good long upside down shake: No leaks. Hurrah!

How well would the SIGG fit my bottle cage? Perfectly, in fact better than the aforementioned plastic bottle which always felt too tight and a struggle to remove.

Putting the SIGG WMB Sports Bottle through its paces

The bottle looked amazing on my bike, enhancing its overall appearance (oh, I’m so vain!). I especially liked that the colour didn’t really match my bike, as this meant the bottle stood out even more, although it did happen to match my T-shirt.
Anyway, I started with a 10 mile road ride and as it was a very hot and humid I was already ready for my first swig from the new SIGG after just a couple of miles. To drink you just twist and pull the nozzle and it locks into the open position. The water-flow was controlled and felt fresher and more thirst quenching than drinking from a plastic bottle.

After the road ride I hit the Surrey Hills Trails. I started out on some smooth cross country sections followed by some fast and rough descents. I did notice the occasional rattle from the bottle on the roughest terrain, but that’s to be expected from an aluminium bottle. Eventually I decided to call it a morning and headed home.

Two weeks later and the SIGG WMB Sports is now my cycling bottle of choice. Only during the more intense off-road rides would I revert to the synthetic taste of a plastic version.

The bottle has some particularly useful features including an extra-large opening for easy cleaning and filling… and for adding ice cubes, plus a removable second stage cap which enables attachment of a Classic SIGG Screw Top. There’s also an elastic inner coating which is resistant to fruit acids, is tasteless and free from BPA and phthalates.

Having tested it for myself, I am ready to recommend my fellow cyclists and other active people follow suit and try these premium quality pieces of kit: looks good, feels good and…tastes good!

Bicycle Nuts now stocks the SIGG WMB Sports Touch Red & Sports Alu




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