Another shot at running

Back in 2012 I tried my hand at running alongside my mountain biking. I was squeezing in a 6 or 7 mile run every other day during the week and I also took part in a few organised races, one of which was an extremely wet and cold 10k cross country (pictured below).

Sadly after only a year the running began to take a back seat due to so many other commitments until it eventually stopped altogether.

10151637638666809 - Copy
Its now 4 years later and I have decided to give running another shot. So on Saturday night I dusted off my old trainers and GPS and hit the street at 6 o’clock the following morning.

All was fine until I hit the first notable incline when for some reason I started to get out of breath despite having what I thought was a pretty good level of fitness. Thankfully after the incline my breathing started to settle down again and the rest of the run was fine. I eventually made it back home in a time of 28 minutes and 44 seconds over 3.28 miles

During my second run a few days later I decided to make a conscious effort to focus on my breathing rhythm, so I tried the following: 3 steps while breathing in and 3 steps while breathing out, and that made the world of difference. During my third run I got my breathing rhythm down from a 3:3 to a 2:2. Breathing issue solved.

What next?

I’m very happy to have started running again. It should help me keep my fitness levels up between mountain biking and when i’m away from home without access to a bike. I’m also looking forward to running alongside my stepdad as he trains for next years London Marathon.ย I might even enter a half marathon myself as a target to aim for in early 2018, if that’s not getting ahead of myself! Watch this space.

Do any of you run and cycle, and do you find that the two compliment each other or not?


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